Where Can Rhode Island Dolls Dancer Find Props and Costumes?

The money you can earn from being a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, is great but another plus is the fact that you can play make believe! What little girl didn’t love playing dress up in her mother’s closet? Pretending to be someone you weren’t was always a great game. As a dancer at RI Dolls you can do this every night you work. One night you could be a hardcore Dominatrix and the next day you could be a sweet and innocent cheerleader. There are so many possibilities.

But where do you find all the props and costumes that you need to take on these new personas? Better yet, where can you find them at affordable prices? The better priced the costumes and props are the more you can buy, am I right?

Holiday Theme Stores

These stores are usually open only at certain times of the year. Sometimes they are pop-up stores that appear in random locations. It’s a good idea to keep a list of businesses that have holiday themed pop-up stores when you find out about them. Many of them thrive on using social media to make their customers aware of where they are appearing so make sure that you follow these businesses when you learn about them. You can often get great deals here to create fun and unique costumes. Halloween pop-up stores are great for props that you can use all year round. They don’t just sell the scary witches and goblins type of stuff. You can find face paint, body glitter, and much more. And the costumes! The costumes are amazing and pop-up stores often have great sales prices on quality items. They are worth making the effort to keep an eye on them.

Estate Sales

It is crazy when you see the kind of stuff that people keep in storage. A lot of it is old clothing that is unique and genuine, which means that you are going to find things that aren’t in stores. A genuine antique nurse outfit and other cool uniforms can be adapted to make them very sexy. All you need is access to a good seamstress and you can have a costume that no one else will have. They may also give you access to authentic props that you won’t find in stores anymore, too.

Thrift Shops/Consignment Stores

Thrift shops and consignment stores sell gently used clothing that is no longer wanted by their owners. They can especially be fun to find old items like hats, feather boas, and such that make great props. Think of putting several items together for a flapper costume or maybe a hippie costume. The options are endless. It might take some time to get all the items you need but if you build them up slowly you can put together something incredible!

Novelty Stores

These types of stores often have very low-cost items that can make a costume more original. They are especially good for shopping for holiday items like angel wings or a leprechaun hat for a holiday themed costumed. You can also find things like glitter, cheap makeup, cheerleader pom-poms and more. They may not be the best quality but when they don’t cost very much it isn’t a big deal if you only get to use them a couple times.


Don’t be afraid of picking up something that doesn’t quite fit right. If the price is right and the material is good you can get it altered by a seamstress. Cut back on length, add some side slits, and you can have a sexy costume that fits you just right. You could even have some Velcro sewn in for easy removal. Now that’s a plus when taking off your clothing is part of your job!

It’s loads of fun to experiment and play with different personas as part of your job. You can change your entire look with make-up and a good wig, but you can also use simple props and fun costumes. And when your customers see how much effort you put into entertaining them, they will look forward to seeing what you come up with next. Keep them guessing! Give them something to anticipate when they come to see you on stage. The best erotic dancers at Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club know that it is worth the time and effort to come up with unique and fun ideas to enhance their dance routines.