Where Can RI Dolls Dancers Find Costumes and Accessories?

One of the best parts of being a dancer at a gentleman’s club like RI Dolls is the opportunity to dress up and play a character other than who you really are.  You can try on different personalities, act out fantasies, or just have a lot of fun.  Part of that, is finding great costumes and accessories to make your performance even more enjoyable.

But where do you find costumes and accessories?  It’s not like there is an erotic dancer store in the mall where you can find everything you need!  No, you need to get creative to find those gems so that your performance is unique and it stands out from those of the other girls. And being unique is just one of the ways that you can become everyone’s favorite erotic dancer!

Start with holiday theme stores.  Some stores are only open seasonally – around the holidays that they are focused on.  They specialize in themed items.  Sometimes you can find some great accessories that you can bring on the stage.  Christmas stores are good for angel themed items, candy canes, and similar Christmas items.  You might find decals or body glitter or jewelry that can turn a Christmas themed persona into a real treat.  And around Halloween you will find many themed shops filled with costumes.  Many of these are designed with sexy in mind.  You might have to make a few modifications to make them easier to remove but you’ll have so much fun.  When you find a Halloween theme shop with great prices stock up for the rest of the year!

Another great place to find costume and accessories is thrift shops.  Thrift shops are filled with all sorts of fun stuff.  You can find old uniforms and hats and feather boas at a fraction of the price that you might pay for them in a costume store.  It takes a bit of work and time but you can find some real gems at thrift shops.  Think creatively.  Look at articles of clothing and ask yourself what you could do to it to make it part of an outfit.  You can find cool retro clothes that can turn you into flash dance girl, a punk rocker, a dominatrix and other fun personalities. 

Estate sales can be fun, too.  It is amazing what people keep in storage.  Sometimes you can find all sorts of goodies.  People have been known to keep old war uniforms, nurse’s outfits, and other neat things that you can adapt.

Novelty stores often have some cool items, too.  Many of the items you find at novelty stores are suited to the closest holiday.  Find a green hat for St. Patrick’s Day, a Santa hat for Christmas, bunny ears for Easter, and more crazy items.  Don’t be afraid to find things that you can use on the stage at novelty stores.  These items are usually low priced and very affordable so if you only use them for a week it isn’t a big investment.

What if you find cool stuff though and it doesn’t fit?  Well, if you find it at a good price and the material is a decent quality you can take it to a seamstress and have it altered.  Get it altered so that it is sexy and it fits you properly.  When you add in the cost of a seamstress it might seem like you’re paying a lot of money but if you get a good price on the items that you find at thrift shops and estate sales you can afford to pay the extra for the seamstress.

Costumes and accessories are a part of a dancer’s appeal.  Don’t show up in the lingerie you slept in and expect that you’re going to make great tips.  The costumes and accessories that you spend money on are an expense and part of your job. When you invest in these things, customers will get into the fantasy and will come back to find you again.  You can shake it and dance on the stage all you want but if you don’t put a little bit extra into your performance you’re not likely going to be anyone’s favorite.  Return customers are where the rewards are so build up your fan base by creating fantasies with great costumes and accessories.