Who Needs a Saturday Night Date When There’s RI Dolls?

People either love Saturday date night, or they hate it. Usually, the people who hate it don’t have a special someone to share the occasion with. But it’s about time to change these people’s perceptions, and hopefully yours too. Instead of tumbling down into a puddle of pity and self-loathing every time you see a happy couple celebrating their love, take some initiative to enjoy Saturday night by spending the evening at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Spend Your Money On Yourself, For Once

Guys know all to well how fast money can fly out of their bank accounts when they are dating or in a relationship. Spending date night at RI Dolls without a date means you can spend all your hard-earned money on yourself, instead of your date. No one will be there nagging you about buying lap dances. No one will care about how many drinks you buy, or how much food you eat. Use this day to pamper yourself by spending as much money as you want to make you happy.

Be Thankful Of  Your Relationship Status

While you may be wishing you had a date on a Saturday, just think about all the benefits of NOT having one. Embrace your single status. If you were in a relationship, your significant other may not be too thrilled with the idea of spending V-day at a strip club. Since you’re single, you can spend time at RI Dolls without having to worry about other people being upset with your choice of entertainment. No one will be watching you look at the strippers. No one will be wondering if you find a Doll more attractive than they are. And the strippers will actually be happy if you blow $100 in one night on lap dances!

Don’t Be Shy

You know the Dolls are always around to talk to you, as well as perform on stage and give you amazing private dances. But this isn’t the time to be shy to everyone else in the club. Strike up a conversation with the person sitting at the table next to you. Chit-chat with the servers. If he or she isn’t too busy, shoot the shit with the bar tender. Just don’t be afraid to approach people at RI Dolls, as long as you’re well dressed and smell nice. Try opening your conversation with a compliment, which will always increase your success rate of having a conversation with someone you are meeting for the first time.

Be Anyone You Want To Be

The great thing about RI Dolls gentleman’s club is that they are there to provide adult fantasies and entertainment. So, why not fantasize about being someone else for a night? If you’ve wanted to see what life is like in someone else’s shoes, then be that person for an evening. If you’ve wanted to try out a new clothing style or lifestyle choice, this is the perfect night to take them for a test drive. Let loose and have fun. Most or all of the people in the club don’t know who you are, and many of them don’t care. See how far you can take your fantasy.

Prepare For The Future

If you aren’t in a relationship but you want to be, RI Dolls can help you in this area of your life, too. Any of our sexy dolls would be happy to let you practice with them. Yes, you can actually pay an erotic dancer to help you learn some tips on communicating with women. Just be honest with the Dolls you speak to. Tell them you’d love to chat with them and get some honest feedback. Women like to help guys out in this area. The worst-case scenario is that you leave at the end of the night feeling more confident. The best-case scenario is that you’ll feel like a new man with all the secrets of wooing women in your back pocket. Don’t forget to ask the stripper for feedback on your appearance and style. You could be the nicest guy in the world, but if you don’t dress the part you won’t get anywhere with the women.

Don’t waste your Saturday night with someone you don’t even really want to be with. Enjoy being single on Saturday nights with the RI Dolls dancers, instead!