Why Does Your Man Love Rhode Island Dolls So Much?

Santa DancerDay and night, no matter when you come into RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, you’re likely to find loads of men enjoying some sexy entertainment. Their women, maybe even you, are wondering what it is about strip clubs like Rhode Island Dolls that men lie so much. There’s as many reasons as there are men but here are some of the typical reasons why you’re likely to find your man at RI Dolls at some point:

#1 It’s all about the happiness

It probably doesn’t need to be said but just in case you didn’t know, guys love looking at naked women, it’s pretty obvious that being in a strip club will make them happy. Really, just take a look around the next time you are in RI Dolls and you’ll see a room full of guys, and some girls, with huge grins on their faces. If you’re a woman with your boyfriend or husband at RI Dolls, then there probably hasn’t been many other places where your man has been as happy as he is with you at this strip club.

#2 It’s a sure thing that they’ll see naked women

Any man that denies this is lying, but the main reason why any guy goes to a strip club is to see young, beautiful, naked women. No one goes to strip clubs to see 60 year old women naked! Men are visual creatures who love to look at woman’s bodies, and the more they see the better. And when they are at a strip club, they don’t have to wine and dine a woman, or beg her, to see boobs and buts.

#3 Then there’s the fantasy that they’ll get to take a dancer home with them

Guys know that when they walk into RI Dolls the strippers are only doing their job. They are getting naked and giving lap dances for the cash and nothing more. But the thought of there being even a slight chance that a sexy stripper will leave with him is enough to turn a man on. Guys are pretty black and white when it comes to the way they think. They figure why go to a dance club and spend $100 and leave with nothing when they can go to Rhode Island Dolls and spend a $100 to be surrounded by gorgeous woman who are willing to get nude. And as a bonus, guys don’t have to get on the dance floor at a strip joint like they do when they go to a dance club.

#4 It’s like they are having a secret romance with no strings attached

Going to a strip club or gentlemen’s club is all about fantasies. The strippers are providing a fantasy for the men (and women) who frequent the club. The thing with fantasies is that they are not real life. So, many guys feel like they are having a secret romance or even an affair when they take some time to talk to the Dolls and then have a chance to see them without clothes on. But, with these ladies, the men don’t have to worry about buying them gifts or taking them out to dinner! The key is to keep the fantasy going without crossing the line, because no matter how much a guy wants to sleep with the stripper he’s enjoying at the club it will never happen.

#5 A visit to a strip club often calms them

While there is no real explanation why without getting into a lot of psychological mumbo jumbo, going to a strip club calms men down. That’s why you see a lot of businessmen and other professionals holding meetings at strip clubs, or going there after a hard day at work. It’s the perfect place to unwind, relax, and start the weekend out on the right foot.

#6 They just want someone to talk to

There are a lot of guys who go to strip clubs just to talk to someone who is willing to listen. These men often don’t even want advice, they simply need to vent to another human being who won’t judge them. They just want companionship. Why they don’t tell these things to their wives and girlfriends, I don’t know. But at least they are talking to someone. It’s like a form of therapy!

#7 They have fetishes

Some guys have fetishes that they like to play out while visiting a strip club because they have no way to play them out at home. People who have foot fetishes love to go to strip clubs because most strippers enjoy having their feet massaged and getting paid for it. I’ve also seen a Doll get paid very well just to let a customer brush her hair!