Why Wives And Girlfriends Can Relax If Their Guys Go To RI Dolls

Many wives and girlfriends feel anxious if they know their men are going to strip clubs like Rhode Island Dolls. Part of it is the myth that strippers will steal their men. They won’t. They often have their own men, but even if they don’t dancers don’t use their jobs as a dating service.

The thing is, men often lie to be able to go to a gentlemen’s club.

But if women would take a step back and think about it, there are a few great benefits to having husbands and boyfriends who visit a strip club every once in a while, other than just having a night to themselves. Keep reading for a list of reasons why it would benefit you, as a woman, to let your man go to a strip club.

Could Stop A Potential Cheating Situation

Most guys have wondering eyes and can’t let a beautiful girl walk past without checking her out. I think it’s instinctive. They can’t help it because they are visual creatures. Sometimes, the attraction is so overwhelming that it can cause a guy to cheat. But, if that same guy went to a strip bar instead and had the chance to look at all the naked Dolls he wanted, he would get his fill and probably won’t be tempted to cheat.

Keeps Them Happy

One of the main benefits of not getting upset if your man goes to a strip club is that he will be happy. Yes, he’ll be happy to be in a room surrounded by naked ladies. What strip club isn’t full of smiling dudes watching scantily clad women? They are smiling because they are happy! Besides the naked ladies, he’ll be thrilled that you are giving your “okay” for him to go out with his buddies to RI Dolls. And the other guys will probably be a little envious of him that his wife is so open-minded, which will make him even more happy.

Shows Your Man You Trust Him

Trust is very important in a relationship. When you scream and threaten your man to try and stop him from going to Rhode Island Dolls, you are pretty much telling him that you don’t trust him. That alone could ruin your relationship. Just like you wouldn’t be happy if he didn’t trust you. After all, he doesn’t get all bent out of shape when you talk about eating lunch with male coworkers. And he doesn’t make a stink about you going out with your girlfriends at night, assuming that you’ll pick up some random guy. So take the high road and show your man that you trust him by not being nasty to him when he wants to go to the strip club with his buddies.

It’s All Adult Fun – No Harm

A gentleman’s club is all about adult entrainment. Yes, the girls are naked, but they are also performing for an audience. And they work really hard to stay in shape and dance well. Then there’s the good music playing in the club, and the great drinks and amazing food. Put that all together and you have a great place to spend an evening with other adults, enjoying adult things. Guys can easily go to a strip club and have a yummy dinner, a sweet dessert, and sit back and watch the shows as they sip their favorite beverage. There doesn’t have to be lap dances involved. But even if there was, everyone involved are consenting adults, so there’s no harm in it.

Boosts Your Sex Life

I always save the best for last, which is why I bring up this topic at the end. The biggest benefit for women who allow their men to go to strip clubs is that it will boost their sex life. Yes, your man will be turned on by the exotic dancers he watches at RI Dolls, but he can’t touch them. Instead, he’ll come home to you in a great mood and be ready to get kinky under the sheets. You don’t have to spend the time to get him all worked up, the dancers did that for you!! Now you can just reap the benefits.

These are just a few reasons why it benefits woman when their men go to strip clubs. There are many more that you can probably think of on your own. The point is to not get pissed off and start yelling and screaming when your husband or boyfriend brings up the prospect of going to RI Dolls. Instead, take a few minutes to think about how it could benefit you… then send him on his way!