Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Real Name At RI Dolls

dont-use-real-namesWhen you visit RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, or any other strip club, you shouldn’t use your real name. There are many good reasons for not using your real name, but it all boils down to 2: Fantasy and Safety. You are protecting yourself and your family from harm, while enhancing your fantasy experience at the club. Keep reading for the details.


The main reason guys go to strip clubs and gentleman’s clubs is to enjoy the fantasy aspect of the club. Okay, yes, they are there to see naked chicks, but they are also part of the fantasy. You are at RI Dolls to escape reality, and one way to do that is to be someone else for the night. Invent a persona that you can adopt for the evening. If you are an IT guy by day, then consider becoming Tom the construction worker for the night. Girls love a guy in work boots! Or, pretend that you’re Vinny, Tony Soprano’s newest Captain. It doesn’t really matter who you pretend to be, just make it fun.

When you think about it, the strippers at RI Dolls don’t usually use their real name to protect themselves, so why shouldn’t you do the same? Since strippers are all about the money, pretending to be a rich guy could get you some extra attention in the club. For example, you may have more dancers coming to you than the other dudes in the club. Or why not go all out and pretend to be an astronaut, record label owner, or Internet mogul. Just make sure you know enough about the lifestyle you are pretending to have so you can talk about your work without sounding like a fool. The exotic dancers in strip clubs are there to fulfill your fantasies, so you might as well play along to make the fantasy that much more amazing.


While it may seem harmless to give out your real name while visiting RI Dolls, you may want to think twice. Giving out your real name is giving out a piece of your identity. If there is someone in the club looking for an easy target to steal money from, you will be it. It’s even worse if you start talking about your phone number, birth date, and the place you work. You’ve now given a thief just about everything he or she needs to steal your identity. Even if you’re talking to someone you know and trust, there are ears listening to your conversations from the next table over, or maybe even from the other end of the room. Using a fake name at the strip club is an easy way to protect yourself from identity theft. You could also save yourself thousands of dollars in court fees and other expenses involved in fighting a criminal case against someone who stole your information and used it for their personal benefits.

If you didn’t tell your wife that you went to RI Dolls, using a fake name can also help you. Just think about this situation: You’re at the mall with your wife or girlfriend and Candy runs up to you yelling, “Johnny, when are you coming back to the club?” If you used a fake name, you could explain to your wife that this woman must have you confused with someone else. But if Candy used your real name, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do to your woman. This type of situation can easily ruin your home life for a very long time. And it could have been avoided if you had just used a fake name.

As you can see, there a couple very good reasons to use a fake name when you go to RI Dolls, or any other gentleman’s club. You are protecting your assets, you’re having fun, and you’re saving yourself from the potential of being in the dog house at home. I’m sure you can think of a few more good reasons to use a fake name at the strip club. Just make sure you pick a name that isn’t going to question your credibility. Telling the strippers your name is Big Daddy may not get you the attention you expected.