You Can’t Be Eco-Friendly – Even at RI Dolls Strip Club

Rhode Island Dolls Strip Club DancerSome people think that being eco-friendly is just a trend but it’s not – it’s only becoming more popular and if you don’t want to be looked down on you need to get on board. You might think of environmentally friendly products when you think about being eco-friendly but there are little things you can do that make a difference.

If you want to be green, remember that it doesn’t have to change your way of life completely. It’s just little changes. You can even be more ecologically friendly when you go to a gentlemen’s club, like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI.  Here are a few things you can do to contribute to a healthier environment.

#1 Use One Plate

If you’re eating at RI Dolls, ask your server if all of your food can be put on one plate. Why? Because every single plate that is used has to be washed and when dishes are washed they go through a machine. That dishwasher uses up a lot of energy. The dishwasher also uses up a lot of water and chemicals to keep it running smoothly. You can do your part by using less plates when you’re eating.

#2 Reuse Glasses

There’s no reason that you likely need a fresh glass for every drink you have. If you’re drinking beer, you can use the same mug. Better yet, drink right from the bottle or can! That saves a glass from having to be washed. If you’re drinking hard alcohol, just let them make your drink in the same glass. Most bartenders won’t complain about having to wash less glasses!

#3 Napkins

Do you really need another napkin every time you order a new drink? Not likely. New napkins come with new drinks simply because customers expect them but all it really does is collect the condensation from your drink. Every napkin is made of paper and that means more trees need to be cut down to contribute to collection condensation! Just reuse the first napkin as many times as is logical and save a tree.

#4 Bring Your Own Container For Left Over Food

If you’re the type of person who orders more than you can possibly eat, think about keeping a re-useable container in your vehicle. That way, when you can’t eat all those appies you ordered, you can put them in a re-useable container to take home. Take out containers don’t break down in the landfills very easily. Many of them are made from styrofoam or coated cardboard and those can take a long time to disintegrate.

#5 Get As Many Lap Dances As You Want

If you really think about it. Getting a lap dance is very eco-friendly. You’re buying something that won’t end up in a landfill or cluttering your home. You’re not wasting anything, especially since these gorgeous Dolls will give you a show that’s worth every penny. And a lap dance is anything but bad for the environment. In fact, you could say a lap dance is good for the environment because it doesn’t pollute the air, it makes people happy, and lap dances don’t use up precious electricity.

These are just 5 specific things you can do to have a more eco-friendly experience while visiting RI Dolls. There are many more things you can do while visiting this strip club. While Rhode Island Dolls may not have an electricity-generating floor to dance on, like Watt, a club in London, but you’ll still be electrified by being a green customer at this strip club. When you get home after a great night at RI Dolls, you’ll be so hot that you won’t have to turn your heater on. Which is just something more you can do to be eco-friendly long after your experience at RI Dolls gentleman’s club in Woonsocket.